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Cartier Libre Jewelled 1:1 Replica Watches

1:1 Replica Cartier Libre redefines the iconic Cartier case shape as a high-end jewelry timepiece. Since the launch of the series in 2017, iconic designs such as Crash, Baignoire, Tank Chinoise and Diagonale have all been treated with Libre.

Initial Thoughts

This new pair of replica watches china is luxurious in style, impeccably decorated, and whimsical, just like the usual style of the Libre series, but for the first time drawing inspiration from the natural world. Although they are very luxurious jewelry watches, the two have a sense of humor.

The shape of each AAA Replica Cartier Watch case is inspired by an object—tortue translates to tortoise, bagnoire, bathtub—but each watch is decorated with patterns entirely derived from other things, reminiscent of surrealist art.

The turtle

Definitely the more fascinating of the two Cartier fake watches suppliers, Bagnoir Turtle is also the more readable of the two, thanks to the use of blued steel hands that contrast sharply with the diamond dial.

The decoration of Baignoire Turtle is like a turtle. The bezel and dial are divided into pentagonal and hexagonal panels, and are outlined in blue enamel. The panel itself is decorated with brilliant-cut diamonds and flat-cut sapphires.

The outer edge of the case is decorated with a black enamel frame and paved with light yellow tsavorite to complete the appearance of the tortoise shell. The “bathtub” case is platinum-plated and platinum-plated, with a length of more than 32 mm and a width of 25 mm at its widest point.

The snake

Cartier lookalike watches Tortue Snake’s dial and bezel are fascinating in concept and style. The dial and bezel are divided into hexagonal units in an elegant and undulating pattern, reminiscent of snake scales. The cells are inlaid with black and coral enamel, mother-of-pearl or brilliant-cut diamonds.

It is worth noting that, unlike the quartz movements in most high-end jewelry watches, Tortue Snake is powered by the manual winding movement 430 MC.