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1:1 Replica Cartier Introduces the Santos-Dumont Extra-Large

Cartier launched a pair of Santos-Dumont Extra-Large replica watches, both of which are limited editions, but the dial is unconventional for Santos.

Although very attractive, most of last year’s Santos-Dumont models used large case sizes—except for the ultra-expensive platinum box version—although its name was relatively small by modern standards. On the other hand, the Cartier Santos-Dumont XL copies is moderate in size, large enough, yet thin and elegant.

This pair of new watches are all XL sizes, which is perfect for those who feel that last year’s three watches are too small. Although the case design remained the same, Cartier cleverly gave the pair of new dials a new dial design, making them look surprisingly unusual.

Both Cartier fake watches suppliers use the same case, with a diameter of 33.9 mm and a height of only 7.5 mm. Inside is 430 MC, which is actually Piaget cal. 430P, ultra-thin manual winding movement, power reserve 38 hours.

This two-tone 1:1 replica watches is inspired by No. 19, an early light aircraft that evolved from “La Demoiselle”, which was the inspiration for last year’s platinum limited edition.