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After seeing a true cushion-shaped case last year, I had no idea what Cartier Replica Watches Review had in store for this year. The brand has been on a roll for the past few years, releasing some of the most talked-about watches at the show. It never seems to outdo others or itself, and just continues to produce exciting watches. What will it bring this year?

On the wrist, this platinum Swiss Copy Santos-Dumont Rewind For Sale is as outstanding as all of its peers, with a diameter of 31.5mm, a lug-to-lug distance of 43.5mm, and a thickness of 7.3mm. This is a “large” case size for SdC, and while it may be small for some, the size feels even larger in the square shape of the watch, and I find it wears perfectly on my wrist. It should also be noted that this watch has gentle curves that make it wear better than a flat watch.

This is all helped by the well-fitting leather strap, which Cartier did its best to match the dial. Oddly, the strap has a simple quick-release pull tab, rather than the brand’s proprietary push-button mechanism. The ruby ​​cabochon crown is also in tune, and while I love the style of Cartier replica swiss movement watches crowns, if you’ve ever used one, you know they can be tricky. I found I needed to use my fingertips to pull it out, and it didn’t have a strong grip afterwards.

So much for the case – you came here to hear about the quirky dial! To answer your question: yes, the hands rotate in opposite directions, and yes, it can be confusing at first. It doesn’t take long on your wrist to get the hang of it, even if it takes a second longer than usual. However, in that brief time, I found the small annoyance to be replaced by a much greater feeling that this silly, unnecessary complication had me hooked.

The trickiest part is actually remembering that the hands do run backwards. As a Cheap Cartier Replica nerd, I don’t actually find myself looking at the hour markers when checking the time, so the fact that the applied Roman numerals are reversed doesn’t really help much. The most obvious reminder is when I look down at the watch, and the hands advance, but in the wrong direction.

The dial itself is made from a stone called carnelian, which means that each of the 200 Santos-Dumont Rewinds will have a unique dial. For this particular model, and I think all models, I found that the stone dial looked dirty in some lights, bright red in others, and deep garnet in others.

While it’s special because it’s a stone dial, and I appreciate the variation it offers, part of me would have preferred a simple cherry red sunburst. The hands are also reminiscent of vintage designs, rather than the classic Cartier Replica Watches Online Sale sword-shaped hands. The brand describes these as “apple” hands, and I guess I can look at that from the perspective that anything round can be an apple.

One of my favorite elements of the entire watch, though, is the Alberto Santos-Dumont signature on the caseback, engraved in red to match the dial, and then reflected just below. Underneath the caseback, Fake Cartier Watches Shop used a manually-wound 230 MC movement with gears reversed to allow for the novel time display. It runs at 21,600vph and has a power reserve of 38 hours.