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New Release: Cartier Animal Jewelry Watches

Animal motifs have been an integral part of Cartier’s design language since it introduced a leopard motif on one of its watches in 1914. Cartier replica watches reviews has embraced this wild aesthetic with a series of animal jewellery watches that showcase a fascinating combination of jewellery-making, watchmaking and gem-setting. A variety of beasts are on display here, including crocodiles, zebras and tigers.

The first Cartier animal jewellery watches centred around a mix of a zebra and a crocodile, with a plump oval case housing a diamond-shaped dial. Viewed from the side, the case has a coiled shape that Cartier says makes it look like a creature “ready to attack”.

Depending on the style – rose, white or yellow gold – Cartier replica watches for sale mixes brilliant-cut diamonds and black lacquer with green tsavorites, rubies or black spinels. The white and rose gold versions include a diamond-paved dial, while the yellow gold version features a black lacquer dial. All dials have a single pair of hour and minute hands and are driven by quartz movements. All three models come with calf and alligator leather straps, fitted with pin buckles made from the same precious metal as the case and embellished with diamonds and matching colored gemstones.

The next sub-collection of Cartier’s Animal Jewelry swiss replica watches is the Alligator Jewelry Watch, which showcases a reptile sculpture wrapped around a white round case. While Cartier has made several different versions of the watch, the protagonist of the collection is a white gold model set with mother-of-pearl, enamel, sapphires, brilliant-cut diamonds and a cabochon-cut emerald as an eye. The case houses a quartz movement that drives the hour and minute hands on the dial. The watch comes with a navy blue alligator leather strap, but also comes with an additional royal blue calf leather strap.

Another high jewelry watch in the Animal Jewelry Watch collection are two high jewelry watches that come with a wild animal-themed bracelet featuring an animal head that is attached to the case by a clamp around the upper lugs. The first is a yellow gold tiger Cartier Replica Watches Online with black lacquer, black spinels, spessartine garnets, yellow sapphires, orange sapphires, brilliant-cut diamonds and pear-cut emeralds as eyes.

This version includes a gold sunray-brushed dial with a gemstone at 12 o’clock. The second version is a white gold alligator watch set with brilliant-cut diamonds and emeralds, with a silver sunray-brushed dial and a brilliant-cut emerald hour marker. Like all other new Cheap Cartier Replica animal jewelry watches, this pair of two-hand watches uses a quartz movement.