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Fake Cartier Drive De Cartier swiss watches Hands-On

This year, Cartier launched two Cartier Drive DE Cartier replica watches and Drive DE Cartier Extra-Flat watches. This initial impression is that Drive DE Cartier phases of the moon in the iron and steel or gold present a pleasant enough choice, but it increases the species diversity, and there is enough difference, so that it is suitable for some people, and for others may simply cause “why not?” However, Drive DE Cartier Extra-Flat is stylish and sexy. In a way, I think Drive DE Cartier extra-flat realizes that Drive DE Cartier should be consistent.

Fake Drive DE Cartier Moon watch is a 40 mm x 41mm cushion form, made of steel (as shown) or 18k rose gold. In the latter, the octagonal crown is also made of 18k rose gold, with two crown jewels set with sapphire. The two blue steel Pointers slip over the twisting dial with the classic Roman numeral. At 6 o ‘clock, you already have a monthly display, and I can already see that the word “AUTOMATIC” will be added (” hum “) to “drive” some people’s nuts.In most cases, this is because Cartier doesn’t want to suddenly break through the minute scale on the internal dial, and because the quartz fragment lacks a second hand. The white gap looks very sharp, but it is the only watch in the series that adds the text, and all the models in the line include automatic movement. Perhaps the aesthetic choice is more than anything else.

Drive DE Cartier Moon is characterized by the complexity of the lunar cycle and is known as “astronomy” because it only needs to be adjusted one day every 125 years, so save your grandson’s manual. Drive DE Cartier adopts a new automatic chain, 1904-LU MC, which has a running frequency of 28,800Hz and has a 48-hour power reserve.

Now, fake Cartier Drive DE Cartier Extra-Flat watches are only 6.6 mm in size, down more than 40 percent from last year’s 2016. This lightsome product exudes elegance, replacing Cartier’s favorite twist, and on the dial with a sun satin dial. Drive DE Cartier extra-flat shell is also slightly smaller, 38mm x 39mm, and has a waterproof grade of 30m. The work is powered by the manual chain 430 MC and is available in white and pink. The 430MC is based on the count of 430P, which is appropriate given the count’s reputation for thin skin. Cartier 430MC runs at a speed of 21,600 VPH and provides a disappointing 36-hour power reserve. Again, there is no second, but most of the dial is untouched.

Cartier will know they mistakenly think that Drive DE Cartier Extra – Flat steel model is unable to use (at least for now), but it has a wish to enter the second year since its inception, Drive DE Cartier line is improved. We reviewed a gold “small complex” model with a busy dial-up and polarizing figure. I have a feeling that Drive DE Cartier Moon may get the same reception, but swiss movement Cartier replica watches just a smooth and subtle hitter, making me want to invite a black tie immediately.