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The histories of Cheap Cartier Replica watchmaking and Jaeger-LeCoultre are so intertwined that either of them may not have existed without the other. Louis Cartier, the grandson of Cartier’s founder and the man responsible for many of Cartier’s now-famous watch designs, established a pivotal partnership with French watchmaker Edmond Jaeger in the early 20th century.The three-way relationship turned out to be so successful that Jaeger and LeCoultre officially became Jaeger-LeCoultre in 1937 and Cartier continued to rely on these movements for decades.

This mini horology history lesson explains why some vintage Cartier Replica Watches Online Sale, such as this exquisite vintage Cartier cocktail watch, are also stamped with “LeCoultre.” This particular cocktail Cartier watch is home to not just any LeCoultre movement, but one of the most impressive in watchmaking history: the Caliber 101.

Its dimensions are minuscule at 14mm long by 4.8mm-wide and a mere 3.4mm-thick. The miniaturized movement was made possible by an innovative two-level “Duoplan” architecture, where essential components sat on top of each other rather than side by side. Fake Cartier Watches Shop Caliber 101’s exceptionally small dimensions and rectangular shape allowed watchmakers to create superb jewelry watches for women without the constraint of having to accommodate a bulky movement. A penny seems enormous sitting next to the dial of the Cartier watch, which gives you an indication of how small the movement inside the watch must be.

Moving from the mechanics to the aesthetics, the design of this Cartier Replica ladies’ timepiece, which was likely produced in the 1930s, is made in the Art Deco style that was immensely popular during that era. Art Deco jewelry is generally characterized as having bold geometric patterns, straight lines, triangles, and arcs, all of which are present here.

The slim bracelet watch is fashioned from yellow gold, which was then intricately engraved to produce a striking textured effect that resembles palm fronds. The petite oval dial includes a pair of blue hands, which has remained a Wholesale Cartier replica watch signature for well over a century, and a mix of triangular and stick indices.

Not only does the rectangular case and similarly shaped bracelet flow seamlessly due to the absence of lugs, but it’s also perfectly symmetrical thanks to the lack of a visible winding crown. The crown of Caliber 101 is placed on the back and is only visible to the wearer when the watch is off the wrist.

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