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Cartier Brings Back Several Fine Watchmaking Replica

Twelve years ago, in the new stage of Cartier replica watch development, the brand began to produce small, serialized high-end and high-end watchmaking products.

The automatic watch used to be 9406MC movement, now it is 9506MC, with flying tourbillon, perpetual calendar and minute repeater. In traditional terms, this is by no means a complicated function, but from any point of view, the movement is a kind of beauty. With a height of 5.49mm, it is a giant in the ultra-thin fine watchmaking industry, and it is also one of the few existing automatic models. One of the fine watchmaking timepieces.

The 2015 edition of this Cheap Cartier Replica watch is made of platinum, the new model is rose gold, and is equipped with a slate gray zinc-plated frame display with Roman numeral hour markers. This is a new feature of the display, in addition to rose gold hands and sapphire cabochon.

The original case is made of titanium. Compared with the case of the new case made of rose gold, it naturally has a different sound quality. From the side of the dial, you can see the bridge coated with ruthenium on the movement. The all or none button of the minute repeater is located at the 4 o’clock position to ensure that the Swiss Fake Cartier Watch cannot be adjusted or the minute repeater can be restarted when triggered. trigger.

The last watch to return to fine watchmaking is Mysterious Hour Skeleton, which was another revival in 2017 and a highlight of the brand. The complexity of Mystery Hour lies in the translation of Cartier’s mysterious timepieces into watches, and the brand’s time-consuming projects.

The skeletonized version of the watch combines the essence of Cartier Replica’s skeletonized watchmaking aesthetics and the combination of a mysterious movement. The mysterious display works through toothed sapphire crystal discs connected to both hands, and these discs are connected to a gear train to drive the hands when the hands are engaged.