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Cartier Prive Collection Renews The Tank Chinoise

Tank Chinoise has not been reimagined since it was redesigned in 2004 during the CPCP era. The new launch introduces the 9627 MC skeletonized movement developed specifically for this watch, parallel to the new rectangular dial, adding a fresh look to the Cartier Tank Chinoise Replica.

Aesthetically and mechanically, the modern look complements previously released Crash, Tank Cintree, Tonneau, Tank Asymetrique and Cloche Cartier artworks and should please a new generation of collectors as well as fans of the original CPCP variant.

The exterior of the case again emphasizes the solid lintel that runs through the top and bottom of the perimeter, which distinguishes this case from other Cartier Replica Watches Online Sale. One of the visually stunning parts of this case are the two vertically textured columns on either side of the case, which give the polished vertical bars an extra gravitas.

The gold case is particularly pleasing to the eye, with the black lacquered vertical bars calling and repeating the theme found in the skeletonized movement. Depending on the case and dial combination, the faceted and domed crown tops are decorated with faceted rubies, sapphires or diamonds.

The Cheap Cartier Replica 9627 MC-manufactured movement is both the dial and the basis for the watch’s timekeeping complications. The skeletonized design of the movement imitates Chinese doorways and windows, and the decorative geometric design is directly interpreted in the movement through horizontal and vertical interwoven lines. The side bottom of the dial is painted in black and red, or red and blue, a color closely related to Chinese culture, especially red is regarded as an auspicious color.

The Cartier Prive Tank Chinoise Replica Watch is available in six styles, the most precious of which is limited to 50 pieces in platinum and diamonds with red and blue lacquered dials/movements. The understated classic hour and minute timepiece with a radial dial will be available in yellow gold, rose gold and platinum.