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Cartier Privé Replica 2020

Asymétrique, also known as Parallélogramme or Losange at the time, belonged to the Cartier Tank Replica series. Its geometric shape was straight, but when it was launched in 1936, it produced real convulsions and was very “Cartier”.

It is not a square or rectangular Replica Watches, but a diamond shape, if this is how we define the shape of the case. On the other hand, Cartier’s own name Asymétrique also defines another design feature.

In a sense, it is diamond-shaped, and the angle of its surface is not 90º, but inclined. However, it cannot satisfy the great condition of a rhombus: “The rhombus is a parallelogram and its four sides are equal in length.” There is not much difference between the faces of this tank, but the sides are significantly longer than the top and bottom.

The most basic feature of Cartier Asymétrique Replica is the “diamond” geometry of its case, which is strictly adhered to in the new Privé version.

Cartier Replica has decided not to use the flat crown of the original Asymétrique, but to use the typical and recognizable pyramid-shaped convex crown.