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Cartier Santos Galbée XL For Better Daily Wearer

My Cartier Santos Galbée XL Replica and Rolex Explorer are both stainless steel sports watches. Both of them have quite iconic dials, and both also look best on their original bracelets. But still, the two are not often compared to each other. Maybe that’s because Cartier and Rolex are each in a league of their own.

Yes, they are different

I’ll start by highlighting the differences between these two icons. The most obvious one is the shape, I guess. The Cheap Cartier Santos Galbeé XL Replica, with its square dial and case, is definitely the more extravagant one here.And although the dials of both these watches have very characteristic numerals on them, they’re certainly also very different in style.

In one corner, we see the Santos with Cartier’s signature black Roman numerals. At first, you wouldn’t really associate them with a sports watch, but I love the contrast between the strong-looking case and bracelet and the elegant numerals.

I don’t really have a preference between the Santos’s fully concealed butterfly clasp or the Explorer’s incognito folding clasp. But it’s very nice to be able to micro-adjust the size of the bracelet, which is not a possibility on the Luxury Cartier Replica. That’s a shame, but the links are quite small, so finding the right fit isn’t too hard anyway.

But, in a way, they’re also very similar

They’re both rated water resistant to 10 ATM, even though the Santos doesn’t have a screw-down crown. As I already mentioned, they both look best on their fantastic bracelets, and they also wear scratches equally well on their mirror-polished bezels.

The Fake Swiss Cartier Watches has a 32mm diameter, but because it’s square, it wears a lot closer to the Explorer’s 36mm size. And with an 11mm profile, the Explorer is 2mm thicker than the Santos, but a big part that added “bulk” is caused by its protruding sapphire crystal, an element that I actually really like.

It’s so nice to grab either one of the two in the morning, open up its clasp, put it on my wrist, and firmly close the clasp again. Both feel so sturdy and well made, and boy, do they look great on the wrist!

But I definitely think that the Cartier Replica Watches is a bit more versatile. Since its style is a little more on the dressy side, I honestly cannot think of an occasion where it would look out of place. The Explorer is a bit more on the sporty side with its glossy black dial and fat numerals. So I think the Santos wins this one. Now it’s 2-1.