Cartier Santos Watches

The Return of the luxury Cartier replica watches swiss movement

Cartier has been known for decades as a collector of royal and fine items for its jewelry and tank watches. But it was only in the ’80s that they made a real breakthrough and became known to the public. This may be because it takes a long time to achieve, tank watches, and others like Santos, Tortue or Tonneau, are always made of gold or platinum, so it’s not always for everyone.The answer is steel, which Cartier replica watch has not used before. In addition to the black bakelite Santos from 1924, this is one of Cartier’s first or possibly first watches not made with precious metals. But to give the new watch a touch of luxury, Perrin’s team decided to offer a steel model with gold accents. Bold combination, because at that time the combination of steel and gold was not common at all.

The new problem is almost impossible to beat. Although Cartier introduced different versions, such as the moon phase model, circular, octagon model and even timetables; For years, the classic Santos has been the most copied luxury Cartier replica watches in the world. In 1987, Santos was revised, renamed and relaunched as Santos Galbée. The case loses its square appearance and becomes more curved, smooth, and more fit for the wrist than the original Santos.

Most models use a quartz movement, but there are exceptions, such as a limited edition grey dial with a 2000 movement. Make 2000 pieces of gray dial and 2000 pieces of light blue dial. They hardly find their way into the second-hand market. The final change was SantosGalbeeXL, which was introduced in 2005. The large size of 32 x 45.5mm is a strong demand for large cheap fake Cartier watch. XL is an automatic watch with an ETA 049 movement. For the first time, the date window clipping does not occupy the number 3 or the number 6, ideally positioned between the number 4 and 5. It’s a huge visual improvement.

The latest Santos swiss movement Cartier replica watches series is available in medium (35.1mm x 41.9mm) and large (39.8mm x 47.5mm) sizes, all-steel, all-gold (yellow or pink) or two-color (gold and steel) cases. The big date window is at 6 o ‘clock; No middling. And, given Santos’s initial versatility, you can install all the different case types on matching metal bands, or on calf or crocodile leather bands. But if you’re one of those indecisive types, Cartier has designed a new QuickSwitch system (under patent) that you can change the tape as needed without using the tools.