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Cartier Introduces the Privé Tank Asymétrique

The Cartier Asymétrique replica watch came out in 1936 and was not designed as a Tank watch when it was launched. Its case shape was later called Parallélogramme or Losange. Literally, it is different from the traditional rectangular case. The case sleeve is offset in the opposite direction, turning the rectangle into a diamond shape, while the dial is rotated 30 degrees to the right.

The dial has a fine radial frosted appearance and retains the alternating hour markers of the original year, but the dial uses exquisite serif fonts and adds small dots at six and twelve o’clock to improve readability.

The size of the case is 47.15 mm x 26.2 mm, which is the same as the 2006 model, and has the same central lug to hold the strap in place. Due to the ultra-thin movement inside, the height of the case is only 6.38 mm.

Best Cartier Tank Asymétrique Replica skulls are available in rose gold, platinum and jewellery platinum versions. Except for the height, this watch is the same as the limited-time model. Due to the large internal movement, the thickness is slightly thicker at 7.82 mm.

In accordance with the practice of Cartier’s modern skeleton watch, the 9623 MC movement forms the dial, and the bridge is hollowed to form the hour hand. More unusually, the hour markers are engraved with blue paint to complement the blue steel hands and improve readability.