Cartier Santos Watches

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The house of Cartier was founded in 1847 by French jeweller louis-francois Cartier. In the company’s early history, Cartier created magnificent jewelry for royal families around the world – including pocket watches encrusted with gems and gorgeous brooch watches. At the turn of the 20th century, when modern aviation began to land, Alberto santos-dumont, a friend of the Cartier replica watches family, would change the aviation and watch industry forever.

Santos-dumont was a pioneer in aviation. He designed, built and flew many hot air balloons, airships and airplanes. He gained fame in 1901 after winning the Deutsch DE la Meurthe prize for a spaceship that flew from Parc Saint Cloud in Paris to the Eiffel Tower and returned in less than 30 minutes. Santos-dumont is from Brazil but lives in Paris, and he struck up a friendship with Louis Cartier, the grandson of Cartier’s founder and heir to Cartier’s luxury line.

Santos-dumont found it difficult to keep track of flight times with a pocket watch because he needed to let his hands fly his plane freely, so he asked Cartier to make him an alternative. Cartier responded to this request in 1904 with a small watch, complete with a leather buckle – marking the birth of the first pilot’s watch, another watch for the military. From that moment on, santos-dumont never flew again without cheap fake Cartier watch.

The Santos watch is a classic of Cartier and remains one of the flagship models of the brand. Its circular square case, square circle, exposed screws and Roman numerals have been the design of countless Santos models for men and women over the years. This particular Cartier Santos reference. 1564 is made entirely of stainless steel with a 29 mm case. Cartier Santos referred to the careful dimensions. 1564 for women or men who prefer more introverted swiss movement Cartier replica watches. These are popular models for people who want to sell Cartier watches on the second-hand market.

On the dial, we see the distinctive blue Roman numerals, the central sword pointer and the 6 o ‘clock position of the date window. The eight screws on the baffle match the one on the integrated metal watch band, and are fitted with a double-folded butterfly spread buckle. The crown is decorated with another classic best fake Cartier watches design element – blue scoliosis circular cut sapphire. Three hands and date function for Santos reference. Powered by a quartz movement, the 1564 clock is very accurate.